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imageWelcome to a site celebrating the history of a group of performers that devoted, in many cases, a large portion of their lives to performing THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. Every Saturday night from 1980-1995, the cast of Indecent Exposure would appear at the UC Theatre in Berkeley, CA to put on a show to amaze, astound, possibly confuse, but always entertain our audience. There were conventions, anniversaries, birthdays, special theme nights, general silliness, inspired performances, extreme creativity on a small budget, and many other assorted events and happenings that were thrown into the mix over the years. Whether you were a virgin, a regular audience member, or even a cast member, you were always guarenteed to see at least one thing that you had never seen before. It could be a bit of performance or a line yelled out from the audience that you've never heard before or someone that you saw or met at the show that night. Whatever it was, those moments would appear and then be gone, only to appear in your memory of the that night. Blink and you could miss it...

We hope that you enjoy taking a trip down memory lane and looking into what we used to do every weekend. Feel free to drop a message in the guestbook or send an email if the mood takes you. And, as was yelled before so many of our shows, "It's time for the world's most dangerous cast... of... INDECENT EXPOSURE!"

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