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Photo Credits:

Anomynous (Frank, Brad, Janet, Riff, Magenta, Columbia, Dr. Scott, Trannies)
Dan Britt (Theatre)
Richard Davidson (All)
Jose Diaz (Frank, Brad, Janet, Riff, Magenta, Columbia, Dr. Scott, Trannies)
Gene Engles (Frank, Rocky, Columbia, Riff, Special Shows, Theatre)
Marcia Gray (Franks, Magentas, Columbias)
Dan Heitner (Special Shows)
Sandra Kostainsek (All)
Monique Martin (All)
Shannon Mitchell (All)

Artwork Credits:

Gravestone and assorted flyers by Eric Jones
Assorted flyers by Eric Jones, Monique Martin, & Becky Milanio


To all of the IE members who let me use their pics and helped with all of the names.
To MI for the link to their 20th Anniversary pics.

A Quick Site FAQ

Q: I was on IE, but I don't see my name listed. How do I fix that?
Due to the fact that I (and, to a smaller extent, the people listed above) set up this site from memory and a few show programs, there is the very definate possibility that you were left off of the page by accident. If this is the case, please send me an email and I'll add your name to the correct pages.

Q: I have pictures that I'd like to add to the site. How do I do that?
This entire site is a designed to operate on the contributions of anyone and everyone who want to give their help. I'm eternally grateful to all of the people who have let me use their pictures and will feel the same to all of you that feel like contributing in the future. Send me an email and we will figure out how to get the pictures up onto the site.

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