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15th Anniversary 15th Anniversary
To help to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the film and also the release of the film on video for the first time, IE was one of the cast's selected from across the country to help to run the show. Nearly all of the films stars were there and the whole party was held on the 20th Century Fox lot in Hollywood.
Lingerie Nights Lingerie Nights
A couple times a year, we would have "Lingerie Nights", where we would have special competitions for the audience member wearing (and looking good while they were wearing) the best lingerie. While this was an audience only competition, this never stopped the rest of the cast from joining in on the fun.
Halloween In June/July Halloween In June/July
To bring the fun of our normal Halloween shows into the rest of the year, we started having these shows. Everything was the same as our normal Halloween shows - special preshows, costume contests, general mayhem - but it was held in the middle of the summer. These pictures come from several HiJ shows from over the years, with the cast becoming steadily more creative as the years went by.
photo 18th Anniversary
Called "The Age Of Consent", this was a con thrown by the cast of Midnight Insanity in Long Beach, CA. With a special preshow made especially for the event and appearances throughout the costume contests, special vigin sacrifice, and all-star show, we had a lot of fun at the con and were very well representated for the entire event.
Tacky Horror Tacky Horror
Twice a year (our "April Fool's Day" show and again usually in September) we would have some of our most off the wall shows of the entire year - Tacky Horror. To put it basically, this is a show where all of the female parts were played by male cast members and vice versa. With the entire cast allowed to be as creative with their costumes and performance as they wanted to, this show was always followed by the byline, "The show where the men are women, the women are men, and the audience is scared and confused."
Petaluma Shows Petaluma Shows
Several times a year, we would perform special road shows at The Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma, CA. An ex-movie theatre that had been converted into a concert hall, they would lower the old movie screen down to the stage and combine that with actual stage sound and lighting to make a feeling of RHPS as something like a live concert event. With constant sell-out audiences that rocked right along with us, these shows were a favorite of a lot of us.
20th Anniversary The 20th Anniversary Show
In October 1995, a large group of cast members went down to Los Angeles to attend the 20th Anniversary of Rocky Horror. There was so much stuff going on, with a Friday night party at The Roxy Theatre followed up by the big anniversary party held at The Pantages Theatre. We were all over the live performances on Saturday, with a special preshow before the showing of the film and many cast members performing in the show itself. VH1 was in attendance and many cast members were interviewed for the channel's special 20th Anniversary broadcast that Halloween, including the special 1-800 contest spot.
The Final Show The Final Show - October 1995
After 15 years of weekly shows, it was decided to let IE go out while it was still at the top. While several cast members went on to be members of the casts that followed, for many this was their last shows. It was a special weekend of shows, with a Friday alumni show followed by a special Saturday show. There were special preshows and dedications on both nights and there were appearances by many returning ex-cast members.

COMING SOON: Sex On The Beach Night, Halloween, and more...

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